Media and a Memory

When I was little, I loved my Thomas the Tank Engine train set. It was one of my many prized possessions, but I favored this train set over the others. It was the simplest of the toys with 2 battery operated trains running on a loop. I got it one Christmas morning and as usual, I woke my parents up at 6 am to rush to the Christmas tree and see what Santa had left for me. I tore the wrapping paper off like an animal and ripped open the cardboard box. I played with my train set for the rest of the day and I wouldn’t let the two trains out of my sight.
The trains were green and blue and the track was a sandy color with little bits of chipped paint from me dropping it after I rushed to open the box. That’s why I still think about my train set and sometimes get flashed back to when I was a little kid when I look at it in the attic. Without it, I probably wouldn’t know how to have fun now or even in the future when I’m all grown up.