I’m From…

I am from stove tops
From pots and pans
I’m from the warm lights shining down
And the smell of food around the house.

I am from the creeks
The oak trees
Whose leafy branches
Shadowed the streets.

I’m from eggs and bacon
From mom and dad
I’m from fried rice and road trips
And from traveling the world.

I’m from do your best
And brave the worst
And never give up no matter what.

I’m from walks in the woods
Around the neighborhood
I’m from San Antonio and over the pacific
And from strong coffee and sweet cookies

From leaving your home
And taking a risk
Getting on a plane
To never turn back .

The jam packed photo albums
In the cabinet above
Lie the memories of the past
For which I will always love.

The Texas History Trick

Last Friday, my Texas history teachers played a cruel joke on us. We came into class as usual but then the teacher said that the principal was coming in to talk to us about something. When the principal came in, he said that because of our behavior there were going to be 5 rule changes in the eanes district. The rule changes were sudden and unfair. I really thought that the changes were happening. Some kids even cried. They really had me. Then our teachers tied it back to the Texas revolution and we all had a good laugh.