Snow Day

Last Friday, we had a snow day in Austin. That’s right, a snow day in Austin Texas. Well the snow was really just I’ve but it was close enough to snow for us. I woke up thinking that it was just gonna be another day, despite the weather forecasters saying that there was gonna be snow.
The “snow” covered my driveway and the net of my basketball hoop was frozen. I had forgotten to take the ball inside the night before and now my ball was covered in ice. Before I went outside or even knew that we had no school that day, I woke up frantically thinking that I would be late for the bus and late for school. As I dressed quickly, I stopped to look outside only to see the ground covered in “snow” and thought, “What is that doing in Austin?” As the day went on I watched as the snow slowly melted only to remember that we would have to make this day up.

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