Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Last Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day and I asked some kids why we had school off and a lot of them had absolutely no idea why that day was so important. I was surprised that no one knew the importance of that day. King changed history for everyone but I don’t think we recognize him enough.
Dr. King earned equal rights for everyone, no matter what color they were. He believed that everybody was equal in a time where segregation was huge in the US and it was illegal to speak up for what’s right. Not only that but he also did it peacefully and encouraged his supporters to be peaceful and said that violence is not the answer. After he won equal rights, he was assassinated while standing out on his balcony. Dr. King did great things and without the efforts he gave, we might still be living in a segregated world. So just remember you can sleep in and dream on MLK day because he had a dream.


Last week, we had Thanksgiving. The table was full of turkey and other great foods. After we ate, I felt tired but I had enough energy to watch the game.The long break was also nice because I got to sleep in a lot. I’ve finished all the leftovers by now but they were still really good. Now, we just look forward to winter break.


It’s that time of year again. When everyone lines up at crowded stores in hopes to get a good costume. When we knock on stranger’s doors and they give us free candy. When we try to scare each other for no reason. It’s time for Halloween.
Costumes always seem to describe Halloween. You dress up and we get candy. For one night you get to be a totally different person and it’s a no homework night. I’ve seen the weirdest and coolest costumes here. I’ve seen a toilet, a wii remote, and even a loaf of bread. Then there are scary and bloody costumes that always seem to be following you in the dark. Either way, costumes always have, and always will describe your Halloween.