Terrific Texas

It’s one of the greatest states in the whole wide world. Texas is a wonderful place to live and to visit because of its livelihood.
Texas is very friendly and lively every where you go. One example of why Texas is lively is Austin City Limits every year. ACL is a fun filled event that happens in Texas every year. There’s music and concerts all over Austin. People can go see their favorite bands and just have fun with their friends. Everybody is having fun and there are food trucks with delicious food during ACL, so everyone can go see their favorite bands and eat their favorite food as well.
Another example of how Texas is lively are the rodeos, one of Texas’ trademarks. The rodeos have everything that you could think of when you think about Texas. There are cowboys, bull rides, boots, horses and so much more. Everyone is watching the rodeo and having a good time in Texas. The rodeo is the probably the most upbeat and lively event in all of Texas which makes it a great place to visit.
All in all, Texas’ livelihood makes Texas a great place to live and visit. Anyone can come visit Texas and find something awesome to do here in the lone star state.