Donald Sterling

Recently, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling, was caught making racist comments about minorities and African Americans. Sterling was caught on tape during a conversation with his girlfriend where he complained about her bringing African Americans to the Clippers games and the tape was later broadcasted by TMZ and spread through the internet so the whole world could hear the racist comments made by Sterling.

Adam Silver, the NBA’s new commissioner, was very pressured about this topic. Fans everywhere were demanding justice for Sterling’s comments. Even teams in the NBA were wearing their warm up shirts inside out, so that the logo of their team and the NBA wouldn’t show. The Clippers changed their website so that when opened, the screen reads “We are one” on the front page with the clippers logo below the large words. Silver knew that something had to be done about the issue so he stood up for the NBA boldly. On April 29, Silver made a public announcement to the world. Silver banned Sterling for life from coming to any NBA games, practices, or any NBA facilities. Sterling was also fined 2.5 million dollars, the most anyone can be fined under the NBA constitution. Sterling was also forced to sell his team.

With Sterling gone, the league can now be relieved of all the comments Sterling made and the league is back to normal. The playoffs are still going on and we can all enjoy basketball like we should.

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